Have you ever tried to go somewhere and ended up giving up because Google Maps couldn’t give you accurate directions? Or maybe you eventually arrived at your destination, but you were cranky and frustrated after making endless U turns. Getting lost can taint your whole day.

Your navigation menu is the Google Maps of your website, so you better make sure site visitors can get to where they need to go without getting lost. I’m sharing 6 website navigation tweaks that you can implement today so your site visitors can find what they are looking for and help you make more money!

  1. There’s No Place Like Home

    Most people begin navigating your website from your homepage. Therefore, you want make sure the purpose of your website is very clear when a potential customer or client lands on your site.

    If a visitor is unable to find what she is looking for on your site, she may choose to start over again from the homepage. Make it easy for your site visitors to return home. Direct your logo back to your homepage and include a “Home” button in your primary navigation. This will present people from using the browser’s back button or leaving your site completely.

  2. Consistency is key

    Make sure your navigation menu is consistent from page to page. Do not change the order of navigation items or the placement of your navigation bar. If you move things around on site visitors, they will feel lost and potentially leave your website.

    The only place to change up your website navigation is on landing pages and checkout pages because you don’t want additional distractions.

  3. Less is more

    Did you know our short term memory can only hold seven items? If you have more than seven main navigation items, it makes it harder to navigate your site. If you have 15 different options to choose from, imagine how lost a visitor will feel.

    As hard as it can be, stick to seven or less main navigation choices. Plus, when you have less navigation choices, the more each link stands out.

  4. Be Clear & Descriptive

    When naming your menu navigation links, use universal terms people recognize. All stop signs say “STOP” because it is universally recognized. If cities could use “HALT”, “PAUSE”, “FREEZE”, or an another synonym for stop, it would confuse the everyone. You don’t want to confuse site visitors. Instead use common terminology, not cutesy or specialized terms.

    For example, if you offer coaching services, don’t just name the link in your navigation, “Services.” Instead, use the term “Coaching Services” because it is more descriptive. (Bonus: it will also improve your SEO!)

    Remember, you want it to be easy to navigate your site so visitors don’t get lost. When your navigation is clear and visitors find what they are looking for, they will feel more confident in what you can provide.

  5. Consider menu order

    Place the most important navigation items at the beginning and end of your navigation menu where they are most effective. Place items of lesser important in the middle. Always place “Contact” at the end of your navigation menu, a standard location.

  6. Highlight where you currently are

    Make sure the page the visitor is currently on is clear in the navigation. Bold or change the color of the navigation link to make it clear. On this website, the page you are currently on is represented by a magenta color and the rest of the links remain light pink.

Now, take time some time to evaluate your site’s navigation and determine what tweaks to make. Remember, the easier your site is to navigation, the easier it will be for a visitor to purchase from you/hire you!

If your website navigation is leaving you feeling frustrated, let’s chat!


I also want to wish all of my American friends a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you are able to take some time to relax with family and friends and reflect on what you are grateful for.

I have much to be thankful for this year, including this new business, wonderful clients and a circle of amazingly supportive biz ladies. My family will gather together at my parent’s house for a traditional turkey dinner. Before we eat, we have a tradition of going to the movies. I can’t wait to see Fantastic Beasts!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and don’t forget to update your navigation menu!

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One thought on “6 Website Navigation Tweaks that improve user experience

  1. Phew! I am happy that my website follows these guidelines! Wahoo

    Posted on November 22, 2016 at 10:39 am