East Grove Stamp Co. specializes in eclectic goods for the home that help customers build relationships in and outside of the home. Custom stamps are their focus, but they are always creating new and exciting products. Creative husband and wife team, Mike and Sydney Musselman are behind this growing business.

East Grove Stamp Co., like many small creative businesses, started out on Etsy. As their popularity and sales grew, Mike and Sydney knew they wanted to focus on bringing more traffic to their website.

The pair reached out for help during the 2016 holiday season, their busiest time of year.  Although they were busy, they were also strategic. Working through a website audit before the new year hit meant they could implement changes at the beginning of the year, which is traditionally a much slower time.

Sydney and Mike’s main website goal for 2017 is to convert the traffic they already had on their website into sales. Together we developed an action plan to convert more traffic into paying customers.

After our phone calls, Sydney and Mike decided to update the theme of their website. Doing this would ensure that visitors knew exactly who they were and what they do. They also simplified the navigation bar so potential customers could easily find what they are looking for. And last, they added a call to action. A simple “Shop Now” button transformed their homepage into a storefront, welcoming visitors and encouraging them to start shopping.

Strategic Moves to Uplevel Your Business - How East Grove Stamp Co. made 30% more in the first 5 months of their biz in 2017!

After revamping the website, East Grove Stamp Co. has seen 30% more sales between January 1 and May 1 over last year!

If you are looking for some website guidance, now is the perfect time to book a website audit. Whether you are looking to build your email list, attract dream clients or get more sales, you will have the tools to create a more streamlined and functional business website.

Sydney writes, “I cannot thank you enough for the feedback and guidance, I can honestly say I feel like we got our money’s worth through this process.

Join Sydney and Mike and other happy clients today! Together we will work closely to strategically uplevel your website so you meet your 2017 goals! Book a website audit today!

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