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My client, Mary Spalding, is a talented interior designer based in Nashville, TN. She believes everyone can live a high-quality life anywhere, as long as your home tells your story. She came to me because her old website and blog were not telling her story.

Mary’s style is eclectic with a classic twist. Her talented graphic designer, Myray Reames, incorporates her style into the graphics she designs for each blog post.

The graphics and photography are a crucial element of blog posts, so making sure it was easy to display them at a large size was important.

All of the blog posts are built in Beaver Builder to give Mary the flexibility to display blog post images in a variety of ways.

In the few months since the redesign,

  • Page views have increased by 62%
  • Average time on the site has increased by 26%
  • Organic search traffic has increased over 40%

The redesigned website now tells Mary’s story the way she envisions it and it has allowed her to reach even more people.

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"We opened the doors of the new site, and I'm thrilled at the way it looks. ... The pictures are larger, and the layout is easier to navigate. We’ve moved things around a bit but it’s still the same place — one where you can sit down with an interesting post or wander in search of helpful suggestions and ideas."

Mary Spalding, Spalding Way