Each month I interview inspiring lady bosses about the social media strategies used to grow their business. Today I am excited to introduce you to my friend, Meghan Maydel of Meghan Maydel. This lady is pretty great! Not only did Meghan grow up in St. Louis (like me!), she is an amazing marketing strategist for creative biz owners. She is witty, sarcastic and ready to tell it like it is, which can be hard to find in a business owner. Meghan is the first to admit she doesn’t have a perfect social media plan

Tell us about your biz, Meghan Maydel.
Every time someone asks me this question, this song instantly starts playing in my head lol I can’t decide if it’s a blessing or a curse.

My biz is Meghan Maydel and I’m a sales funnel + marketing strategist + CMO-for-Hire for creative badass biz owners who are looking to finally get consistent with their clients and their cash. Pretty much I go into businesses, make sure their marketing is on point, and either give ‘em a game plan if it isn’t or fix it for ‘em. So that they can, you know, get found, sign clients, and get paid. #winning

And it’s the best “job” ever.

What 3 words would you use to describe each of your business?
HAHA oh man. Blunt. Edgy. Fun/ny. Does hot mess express use all three of my word count?

Social Media Mavens: Meghan of Meghan Maydel // Meghan's colorful office filled with Hatch Show Printer posters

What social media accounts do you use for business and what are your favorites platforms?
Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. My favorites are FB live and Instagram stories because they don’t have to be super structured/OCD organized/perfect. Pinterest is becoming a close runner up.

What is your social media strategy? How do you use social media?
HAHAHAHA. Non-existent? I’ve been so consumed with helping other people execute on theirs as part of their marketing plan, that mine always seems to fall by the wayside. But we are working on getting a bigger strategy in place when it comes to pushing Meghan Maydel World Domination Headquarters out there. Our big social media strategy next year will revolve around consistency in where, when and how we show up. Even if that means limiting our platforms to make sure we’re really using social media to engage + be fun + educate. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 😉

Social Media Mavens: Meghan of Meghan Maydel

What social media accounts do you love? 
Right now I’m really loving on Trena Little‘s Instagram stories. She frequently shows up totally not “put together” with lots of fun faces and #realtalk that makes me literally lol. at the coffee shop. to lots of stares. (@trena_little)
Courtney Johnston‘s Instagram stories are giving me life right now too (@courtbourtinc)
(as you can tell I don’t really care for heavily curated Insta feeds).

I’m also loving Jessica Stansberry’s Biz Tech Collective FB Group It’s one of the few groups that I’m in that I actually know exactly what I can get answers to/help with/joke around about when it comes to all the realllllllly fun **insert heavy eye roll** tech parts of running a biz. Like my ongoing via several posts saga with Pinterest and just getting my website freaking confirmed.

What are you proud of? Where do you feel you have room for improvement?
Is everywhere an option? Right now I’m most proud of the fact that I actually have an Instagram feed! The day before Instagram stories came out I was ready to finally get off Instagram and work on building my snapchat audience. Annnnnnnd then Instagram swiped snapchat and threw a grenade right into the middle of that game plan. So now here we are, curated feed and all. Which is pretty impressive considering how much the curated feeds drive me insane.

Social Media Mavens: Meghan of Meghan Maydel // Meghan's colorful office filled with Hatch Show Printer posters

What tools do you use to help schedule and plan social media?
I actually don’t use anything. Which is probably part of my hot mess express problem. Actually, I take that back. I do use Buffer when I’m going on vaca. And IFTTT to automatically post to Twitter when I post on Instagram because, shocking, I’m also not a Twitter fan.

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What advice would you share with other lady bosses?
Get systems in place early! It’s the one thing that really drives me nuts in my entire business, that I was on the “just wing it” train for the longest time and now setting aside time to sit down and create the processes for social media is the last thing I want to clear out time for…but it’s desperately needed because right now it’s more of a time suck than it’s helping the growth of my biz.

Anything exciting you have coming up in the next few months?
I’m excited to finally bring my marketing services out of beta! We’ve been spending the last few months of the year really amping up our authority via beta and in January the time will finally come to go full steam ahead. Which, you know, is exciting and terrifying all at the exact same time. The big ones are going to be sales funnel check-ups, done-for-you growth strategy + marketing plans, and CMO-for-Hire services. Whoop whoop!

Social Media Mavens: Meghan of Meghan Maydel // Meghan's pumpkinsNightmare Before Christmas pumpkins Meghan and her family carved this Halloween

Because today is Halloween and Meghan’s favorite holiday is Halloween, I must ask, what’s your favorite Halloween decoration and candy of choice?
Damnit! Everything! This is like asking a parent to choose their favorite child. We all know they have one but they can’t say it out loud. But I will. Frank, my 5ft skeleton in my office wearing a wedding dress + sailor’s cap (he’s got a party side) is probably my favorite. My ever growing Halloween Town village is probably a close runner up. And anything peanut butter + chocolate is worthy of Halloween candy hoarding status.

Thank you for your honesty and advice, Meghan! It’s so refreshing to read that you aren’t totally perfect. Find more of Meghan on her websiteFacebook group, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

I hope you have a very spooky Halloween filled with lots of Reese’s peanut butter cups!

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