It’s time for another installment of the series, Social Media Mavens where I interview inspiring lady bosses about how they use social media to grow their business . Today  I’m thrilled to share an  interview  with the amazing Ashely Beaudin of Fire + Wind Co.

Tell us about your biz,  Fire + Wind Co.
Yes! Fire and Wind Co.  inspires women to build incredible businesses of soul and success. Fire + Wind Co. aims to do that through helping women communicate their vision through their words in a way that their audience can really connect with.

What 3 words would you use to describe your brand?
Encouraging, fun and heartfelt.

What social media accounts do you use for business and what are your favorites platforms?
I mostly hang out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Groups! Twitter will always be my first love. I host Twitter Parties over there every Tuesday at 9 pm EST under #fireandwindco. I have recently started to really get into Insta, but trust me, it took time. 😉

What is your social media strategy? How do you use social media?
My social media strategy is very much to develop a culture of encouragement that leaves people changed. I see social media as an opportunity to create a space for people to speak life into them! I believe in content over numbers and wielding platforms for good. I also believe in the power of a good scheduling system!

Social Media Mavens: Ashley Beaudin of Fire and Wind // Katie Williamsen Web & Social Media, LLC

What social media accounts do you love?
What a question! I still super dig Hey Sweet Pea on Twitter, as well as Melyssa Griffin. I think she really rocks it out. On Insta, forever a friend of the likes of Lara Casey, Whitney Blake, Hannah Brencher, Carrie McQuaid — people I think all do it so well.

What account are you proud of? What do you wish you did better?
I am proud of the movements I’ve created out of social media. I’ve helped bills become laws and spoken out stories that were demanding to be told. I’ve inspired women to own truths in their life and build businesses. I’ve made amazing connections and lifelong friends! As for what I wish I did better, I wish I could unplug better and with more substance to really be with those I love.

Social Media Mavens: Ashley Beaudin of Fire and Wind // Katie Williamsen Web & Social Media, LLC

What tools do  you use to help schedule and plan social media?
I use Buffer like it is my best friend. I also use Photoshop to create social media graphics. And I actually use Google Drive to schedule out my Instagram posts.

[bctt tweet=”Be faithful to the dreams in you – Ashely Beaudin of Fire + Wind Co.”]

What advice would you share with other lady bosses?
Find that thing that is like a fire in your chest, the thing that you can’t stop thinking about and keeps you awake at night and DO that thing. Don’t worry about how people will respond to you or even whether it will be successful, just be faithful to the dreams in you. They are there because you’re the one to carry them out!

A big thanks to Ashley for always being there  to share an encouraging word or lend a helping hand.  Be sure to follow her on Twitter and join her  Twitter Party every Tuesday at 9 pm EST under #fireandwindco.

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