Chrome is my go-to web browser because it is fast and easily integrates with the other Google products I use everyday. I also love the browser extensions you can add on to make your life and workflow easier.

You could easily spend all day sifting through the endless list of extensions in the Chrome Web Store, but I’m sharing my favorites with you so you don’t have to do that. I’ve tried a lot of different extensions over the years and these are the ones I go back to time after time.

Must Have Chrome Extensions

The Great Suspender – Do you ever wonder how you survived before browser tabs? If you are anything like me, you find yourself with a bajillion tabs open all at once. When you have a bunch of tabs open, they slow your computer down. The Great Suspender “suspends” your open tabs so they don’t slow your computer down. When you are ready to view a suspended tab, just click and it reloads.

Toby – I recently discovered Toby and I’m smitten. If I’m doing research, I can easily save all of my tabs to a list for easy reference. If I have too many tabs open, I can quickly save them and sort them into lists.

One Tab – One Tab is another great solution to all of those open tabs. Just hit the icon and it will condense all of your tabs into a list that you can go back to later.

Facebook Pixel Helper – Not sure if you installed your Facebook pixel correctly? Just install this nifty extension to make sure your pixels are always installed correctly.

Slim Lists for Trello – I love Trello (affiliate), but I hate that you can’t see all of your lists on a board at once. Enter Slim Lists for Trello. This extension reduces the width of your lists so you can see more at the same time.

Page Ruler – This extension is a must for all designers. Quickly measure the height and width of any element on a webpage. It comes in handy a lot more than you might think.

LastPass – Organize and save all of your passwords with LastPass. The extension makes it easy to fill in passwords. It’s a great tool to share passwords with contractors and third party vendors.

Pinterest – If you use Pinterest, this handy extension will pin any images on a page. If you use pinning tool like Tailwind (affiliate) then be sure to install the Tailwind extension.

Ebates – If you do any online shopping, sign up for Ebates today (and use my link because we both benefit)! For all qualifying purchases, you get cash back from Ebates. The Chrome extension informs you of cash back deals and activities them.

Facebook Eradicator – If you spend too much time on Facebook, check out the Facebook Eradicator. It removes your newsfeed so you have to intentionally visit pages or groups. No more mindless Facebook scrolling.

If you are a Chrome user, what are your favorite extensions? How do they save you time and simplify your workflow?

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One thought on “10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions to Simplify Your Life

  1. These are great! Especially the tab suspending/saving ones! Have you tried List Layouts for Trello? I like that there’s a button on my browser so I can toggle different views.

    Posted on March 3, 2017 at 8:40 pm