When you are first starting an online business, there seems to be an endless number of must have tools. The choices can feel downright overwhelming.

Now that I’m in my second year of business, I feel confident that the tools I am using are the best for me, for now. When I first started my business, I shared a few of my favorite tools on the blog. A lot has changed over the last year, including the biz tools I use.

My Favorite Business Tools

Acuity Scheduling (affiliate)
Cost: Free / Paid starts at $10/month

When you have a service-based business, having a scheduling app is essential. I love Acuity because I can set my schedule and my clients can select the time that works best for them. It also syncs with my Google Calendar and blocks out times I’m not available so I don’t get double booked. Clients can reschedule their appointments and receive reminders before sessions begin. I can also easily set up payments and intake questionnaires via Acuity. Start with a free trial and see if it’s for you.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Cost: Starts at $9.99/month

I use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign almost everyday to create graphics, worksheets and more. I realize not everyone needs the entire Creative Cloud, but I do highly recommend Photoshop for graphics. I know many like Canva, but Photoshop is the same price, more versatile and outputs smaller file sizes (so your images don’t slow your site down).

Cost: Free / Paid starts at $10/month

Looking for a great social media scheduling tool? Buffer is the one I have come to depend on due to its simple interface and ability to connect to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest (paid only).

ConvertKit (affiliate)
Cost: Starts at $29/month

As my email list has grown, ConvertKit has been a great email solution. I can easily segment my list so I can send targeted emails. ConvertKit also makes it easy to put together welcome sequences, email funnels and more.

Dubsado (affiliate)
Cost: Starts at $20/month

As I started to work with more clients, I needed one place to keep contracts, invoices, contact info and more. Dubsado, the client management system for creatives, has been an awesome addition to my tool box. Not only can it do everything mentioned above, it also has built in workflows so I can easily keep track of where I am in regard to client projects. Dubsado also has amazing customer support and an active Facebook group to share tips and tricks.

Google Drive
Cost: Free

I switched from Evernote to Google Drive about 6 months ago and I haven’t looked back. I love having documents integrated with my email. I also find collaboration is easy with Google Drive because so many use Gmail.

Cost: Free / Paid starts at $12/year

LastPass is my password manager of choice. If you are sick of juggling usernames and passwords, you can use LastPass to keeps tabs on them. Client’s can also share account information with you so you can access accounts without needing their password. This makes everyone’s life easier and safer.

Cost: Free / Paid starts at $7/month

Do you have weeks of Instagram posts planned in advance? If you answered yes, Planoly is for you. While I’m not quite there yet, I aspire to be, so I use this Instagram scheduler to help get me ahead. The free plan includes 30 images a month, so I haven’t had to pay for it yet! Woohoo!

Cost: Starts at $9.99/month

I just started using Tailwind, a Pinterest scheduling tool, and I’m loving it. It makes scheduling pins a breeze and I love the analytics it includes. I’m also a huge fan of Tailwind Tribes, a group of Pinterest users that shares each other’s content.

Trello (affiliate)
Cost: Free / Gold $5/month

I use Trello as a home base for my to do lists, content calendar and more. If you aren’t sure how to use it, don’t miss Think Creative Collective’s Trello for Business course. It’s a steal at $29 and they give you their Trello boards.

As I was putting this list together, I kept thinking of more and more tools I use on a daily basis. I didn’t want to create the never ending list of tools, but I thought I would share other faves here: Dropbox, Google Calendar, Slack, Zoom and a paper planner.

What are your must have business tools? What tops your list?

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. I have used the products below and recommend them without the affiliate. I suggest them to you because they are helpful and beneficial for you and not because of the small commission I make if you decide to purchase using it. You’re under no circumstances obligated to purchase the items listed above.

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