There’s nothing I love more than geeking out about website strategy. So, when it was invited to geek out about web strategy with Reina and Christina of the Creative Empire Podcast, you know I was totally digging it.

And today I’m so excited to share that episode of the Creative Empire Podcast where we chat about making your website more functional, Google Analytics, SEO and #allthethings!

If you haven’t listened to the Creative Empire Podcast (It’s one of my faves!), Reina, a life + biz success coach, and Christina, an attorney for creatives, chat with industry leaders to help boss ladies understand and develop their businesses.

On this episode, we discuss user experience and how to build your website for your ideal client. I touch on some website challenges that can be detrimental to your site including confusing navigation and an untargeted homepage. We also chat about ways to optimize your blog posts to keep people coming back to your website.

If you’re feeling confused about SEO and Google Analytics, we also address what they are and why they are important. And last but not least, I offer two key things you can do now to make your website functional for you. It’s a must listen!

Katie on the Creative Empire Podcast

Podcast Highlights:

  • How I got into the techy side of websites [0:01:15]
  • How user experience can help, or hinder, your ideal client [0:05:44]
  • What some of the biggest website mistakes are [0:07:12]
  • How to optimize your blog for visitors [0:10:06]
  • What SEO + Google Analytics actually are [0:16:08]
  • Why calls to action (CTA’s) are a good idea [0:22:54}
  • What are the top two things to do for your website [0:26:35]

Head on over to Creative Empire and to hear my convo with Reina and Christina to learn how you can make your website more functional!

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