If you are an Instagram fan, I’m sure  you have heard the news – it’s feed will no longer be chronologic, but rather  you will “See the Moments You Care About Most.” Many Instagram users are unhappy about the   impending change and are threatening to leave the platform – I’m sure many will.  I’ll be honest with you, I’m not thrilled with this change, but  I don’t have a choice in the matter and neither do you.

If you have spent a long time growing your Instagram following, the last thing you want to do is decide to stop posting on   the platform. Instead, keep posting the beautiful, thoughtful content your followers have come to love. If they are already fans, then you should have no problem staying at the top of their feed.

The fabulous Caitlin Batcher, social media expert, did a great Periscope right after Instagram made the announcement. She suggested  you ask your Instagram followers to turn on post notifications for your Instagram handle. When they do that, they will receive a notification when you post.

How to turn on Instagram Notifications // Katie Williamsen Web & Social Media, LLCI want to take this one step further and suggest  you think about all of the ways you could use Instagram  post notifications  for your business.

  1. Turn on post notifications for your clients who use Instagram. You can easily keep up with what they are doing and interact with them instead of hoping you see their post in your feed.
  2. Turn on post notifications for those who do similar work to yours. For example, If you are a graphic designer, you can easily follow other designers and see   how they showcase their work and services.
  3. Turn on post notifications to build community.  Via the Facebook groups I am in, I have developed a small tribe of lady bosses that I want to make sure to encourage and support. If I receive a notification when they post, I can easily join the discussion.

Wondering how you turn on post notifications?  Navigate to  user’s profile and select the three dots in the top   right corner. From the pop-up menu, choose “Turn on post notifications.”

Note: If you have notifications disabled for Instagram, you will not be able to use this feature, so be sure to enable   them.

[bctt tweet=”Don’t waste your time worrying about what you can’t change.”]

Despite the changes that are coming to Instagram, be proactive  and ask your followers to turn on post notifications. You should also turn notifications on for those you want to engage  and connect with to make sure you don’t miss any content. Last, but not least, we don’t know how this change to Instagram will truly effect us, so don’t waste your time worrying about what you can’t change.

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