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Each month I interview inspiring lady bosses about the social media strategies used to grow their business. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, I’m excited to introduce you to the talented Amy Homan of A Stylish Design. I first met her at The Savvy Experience and I feel in love with her cozy plaid goods Today Amy is sharing how she works social media into her business.

Tell me all about your business, A Stylish Design.
I create hand-made home decor, apparel, accessories and gifts. I have vintage on the brain and love giving it a modern twist. Every product is unique in its own way.

What 3 words would you use to describe the your business?
hand-made, unique, stylish

What social media accounts do you use for business and what are your favorites platforms?
I use Instagram, Pinterest and have a Facebook Group. Pinterest is my favorite because I love putting creative boards together. I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera, but Facebook Live in my FB group is a great way for me to put products front and center for my customers.

Amy Homan of A Stylish Design and her daughter working on a project.

What is your social media strategy?
I don’t have a structured strategy at the moment. I try to post on Instagram 1-2 times per day and in my Facebook group at least 1-2 times per week.

How do you use social media?
I use social media to share what I’m working on, how I create my products and customers loving products they’ve received. I really want to make an effort to do more video content in 2017 and Instastories. I really want to encourage women to use what they have in their home/closets and build with it. You don’t have to scrap it all, just use it in a different way and how adding a piece here and there can really change things up!

What social media accounts do you love? 
Evy’s Tree, Merrick’s Art and Young House Love.

Amy Homan of A Stylish Design creating one of her signature pieces.

What are you proud of? What do you wish you did better? 
I’m most proud that I am somewhat being consistent now with social media. I do wish that I had more of a strategy in place, which is on my goal list for 2017! I do love that if something doesn’t work for me I can now say that and move on instead of continuing using something that drives me insane!

What tools do you use to help schedule and plan social media?
I have a timer on my phone and use my notes on my phone to store hashtags. I have the hashtags labeled for different products/events and go thru about every 2 weeks to search for more hashtags and update them. Even if I only get to do that 1x month, it’s a start. I encourage others to search and use relevant tags, related searches etc. Being able to copy and paste those cuts down posting time so it’s not so stressful when it comes time to post!

What advice would you share with other lady bosses?
Choose 2 platforms that really work for you and your business. My business is centered around visuals so Twitter doesn’t work as well as Instagram or Pinterest.

[bctt tweet=”Give one a try, if you don’t like it, move on. -Amy Homan on social media” username=”katiewilliamsen”]

Give one a try, if you don’t like it, move on. Don’t get stuck in a rut trying to use something that doesn’t work for you or that you dread using. Biggest mistake I made when I first used Instagram. I dreaded posting, only because I was spending 30-40 minutes daily on 1 post! Yes… crazy I know. Get organized, spend an hour each week pulling images and hashtags and run with it!

Beautiful plaid blanket wraps from Amy Homan of A Stylish Design

What is your favorite product for holiday gifting?
Hmm… would sharing one or more of my products be boasting? 🙂  I love gifting homemade yummies in my tea towels with a recipe or two with a handmade apron! Blanket wraps are so versatile and can put a smile on even the hard to shop for on your list.

Something other than my product to gift would be: Woven Pear Socks. Heather Crabtree gifted me my first pair last Christmas. I swear I wash them every other day so I can wear them again and again. I’ve since purchased more, not only for myself but for others. They are so soft, warm and comfy ~ and they last forever!

If you are ready to get some holiday shopping done this cyber Monday, head over to A Stylish Design and get 30% off of your purchase until 11:59pm EST tonight (11/28)!  I’m a huge fan of the create your own dog bandanas and the plaid fold over clutches, they are so fun for holiday gatherings. Be sure to say hello to Amy on Instagram and Pinterest and join her Facebook Group to find out about sales and see her on FB Live sharing home decor tips!

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