I love waking up early to have some quiet time before I jump into my day. One of the toughest decisions I make before 7 am is choosing between listening to a podcast or an audiobook on my dog’s morning walk.

When I first started my business, I listened almost exclusively to business podcasts, but now that I have my footing, I’ve stopped filling my head with unnecessary information. Now I choose to listen to podcasts that I love and make me smile.

I’m sharing 7 amazing must listen podcasts that you can listen to when you need some inspiration, business direction or just a good laugh.

Forever35 – This podcast is hosted by two friends who love to talk about serums and self-care. These ladies keep me laughing as they discuss sheet masks, Sephora and more, but also cover serious topics like anxiety, depression and grief. Each week they interview a guest about how she takes care of herself.

Fave episodes: Growing Your Garden with Helen Rosner and any minisode.

Fueled with Heart – My business coach and mentor, Reina Pomeroy, recently launched this podcast. In each episode, she discusses ways to intentionally move your business forward. She discusses one topic and then challenges you to dig into the topic with actionable homework.

Fave episode: How to Find Focus in your Business

The Kelly Trach Show –  Looking for ways to master your mindset and live your best life? Then don’t miss The Kelly Trach Show. Kelly and her guests walk you through the process of doing the inner work to create major change so you can transform your life.

Fave episode: Angela Simson on Gratitude, Cultivating Deep Relationships & Getting Clear on Your Stories

The Melissa Ambrosini Show – I’ve been a fan of Melissa Ambrosini for many years, but I only recently discovered her podcast and I can’t get enough of it! Her podcast focuses on living your best life through health, wealth and love. She has fantastic guest interviews and shares a short motivation podcast every Monday.

Fave episode: Do Less But Achieve More with Erin Falconer

Mind Your Business Podcast – Over the last two years, I’ve become more and more interested in what many classify as woo-woo. James Wedmore, an entrepreneur and biz coach, is all about woo, Law of Attraction and manifesting. He pairs many of these woo concepts with solid business advice. He interviews amazing business professionals who have reworked their mindset to achieve massive success.

Fave episode: Creating Your Own Reality with Pam Grout

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations – Listen to Oprah interview and ask life’s big questions to your favorite authors, thought-leaders, spiritual teachers and more. Each episode will get you thinking about how you can live your best life.

Fave episode: The 2-part conversation with design Nate Berkus

Pursuit with Purpose – When podcast host Melyssa Griffin started to wonder if there was more to her business than just teaching creatives how to use Pinterest and build their online business, she decided to start the Pursuit with Purpose podcast. She asks her guests to share how they create meaningful lives and businesses.

Fave episode: How to Access Your Body’s Inner Wisdom, with Geneen Roth

With summer vacation coming up for so many, your iPhone will be bursting with brand new content to check out. What’s on your must-listen summer playlist?

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