Facebook Ads are a necessary evil in today’s online business world.

Helping people market their business online is my jam.
But finding organic reach in today’s crowded space is a challenge.

With Facebook algorithms changing (what seems like) every other day, you’ve turned to Facebook Ads to help get your message out to a new audience.

you want to:

  • Build your list
  • Bring a targeted audience to your brick-and-mortar
  • Attract sign-ups to your webinar
  • Sell your high-end service or product

You’re not alone. And Facebook Ads can be an effective way to market your latest program or service—if you know how to do it right. (If you don’t, expect frustration, a glass bottle of wine and more than one expletive.)

With a Facebook Ads Strategy package, you’ve got me on your side. Because I do this every day, I keep track of the ins and outs of algorithm changes for you.

You’ll get:

  • Strategy session before campaign begins
  • Installation of the Facebook pixel so we can retarget your website visitors
  • Complete setup of one ad campaign with up to 4 custom audiences
  • Assistance with ad copy and design and your landing page
  • Development of a custom ad audience
  • Daily review of the campaign while running to maximize results

How Will It Work?

Once we determine that Facebook Ads are a good fit for what you’re looking to do, you’ll complete a questionnaire that will fill me in on all of your business secrets (okay, not really—but you’ll tell me about your offering and your audience).

Next, we chat about a strategy and gather the copy and graphics that you’ll need for your ad campaign. I’ll need access to your Facebook account, Google Analytics and website so I can ensure the Facebook pixel is installed and ready to track.

I create two to three versions of your ad and ad copy, which we’ll run simultaneously. I monitor the ads for audience action and keep running the ads that perform the best.

And we’ll keep in touch throughout the entire process.

Facebook Ad Strategy starts at $400. Get started today.

Kat SchmoyerKatie gives individualized attention; I felt like I was her only client with how quickly she responded to my needs & how efficiently she worked!! She was so fast to respond to my questions, and walk me through the ads process! Katie is down to earth & truly cares about her clients’ success. In the crazy world of digital marketing, it was so important for me to work with someone who loved my product/service and genuinely wanted to see it succeed! She’s an amazing cheerleader for your success!

Kat Schmoyer, Dear Sweetheart Events and Creative at Heart

Whether you have a product ready to launch or your list is still in the double digits, it’s time to start getting noticed—now. The more exposure you have, the faster your business will grow. A Facebook Ad campaign can do that for you, and help you meet your financial goals in the process!

Let’s chat about your Facebook Ads and see if they’re a good fit for where you want to take your business.