Now that we’ve gone over the key terms and had a quick tour, it’s time to get into the real meat and potatoes of Google Analytics – the Audience, Acquisition and Behavior Reports. These reports provide a plethora of data about your website, site visitors, social media activity and more.

I’ve broken each report section down and paired it with a quick video showing you how to find the most important information in each report.

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Part 1: Breaking Down the Terms & a Tour

How many different services and tools do you pay for each month that help you run your business better? I pay for seven different services each month that help me perfect my social media, email marketing, client experience and more. But one of my all-time favorite tools is FREE!

All entrepreneurs should have Google Analytics installed on their websites. Not only is this a free tool,

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It happens way too often. You select a new website theme or hire a website designer because you want a pretty website. I totally understand wanting a pretty site because I do too.

But too often we get caught up by looks and don’t consider how the website functions. It doesn’t matter how pretty your website is if your client or customer can’t figure out how to purchase from you.

Making sure your website works while being pretty is key to higher conversions and making more money.

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