“Talk to people.” is the simple advice I received from my business coach and mentor, Reina Pomeroy of Reina and Co.

When I attended the Creative at Heart Conference this August, I heard those words once again. Tiffany Tolliver, the brand designer, and stylist behind The EmmaRose Agency shared the importance of taking the time to speak to your ideal clients.

Taking the time to conduct ideal client interviews when starting a business or developing a new product or service is an invaluable tool because you receive straightforward feedback from the people who you want to buy your offering.

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The ConvertKit email marketing platform has been exploding lately, and for good reason. For the first 7 months of running my business, I used MailChimp. I have nothing against MailChimp and still think it’s the best choice for beginners, but I’m so happy I upgraded to gain more control over my list.

As amazing as the features of ConvertKit are, a common complaint is that their opt-in forms are…well…ugly. I don’t blame them,

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There’s nothing I love more than geeking out about website strategy. So, when it was invited to geek out about web strategy with Reina and Christina of the Creative Empire Podcast, you know I was totally digging it.

And today I’m so excited to share that episode of the Creative Empire Podcast where we chat about making your website more functional, Google Analytics, SEO and #allthethings!

If you haven’t listened to the Creative Empire Podcast (It’s one of my faves!),

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